🎙️ How to be a tourist in Paris (in 1911)

I got an amazing gift for my birthday – a Paris guide book from 1911.

So, I decided to get the Paris whisperer, Corey Frye, to come in and look through it with me. Of course, he had no idea what he was in for until the last second.

So how has Paris changed since 1911? Why are some of the buildings gone? And why does the Mona Lisa hardly get a mention in the section about the Louvre museum.

Here’s our chat about it, followed by a few pictures of the pages we talked about.

IMG_2511IMG_2513 2IMG_2510 2IMG_2514 2IMG_2515 2img_2516-2.jpgimg_2518-2.jpgimg_2519-2.jpgimg_2520-e1508598398654.jpgimg_2521.jpgIMG_2522img_2523.jpgIMG_2525

Thanks mum.


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