150 Things To Do in Paris: The Earful Tower’s Guide Book

Where are the tastiest croissants in the 12th arrondissement? Which is the best restaurant in Montmartre? And where’s the prettiest street in the Marais?

All these questions – and 147 more – are answered in The Earful Tower’s brand new guide to Paris.

Yes, I’ve been collecting the tips from all the expert guests on the show, writing them down, and filing them into arrondissements. Then I’ve added a bunch of tips of my own and arranged it all into an arrondissement guide, 1 through to 20, with suggestions for the best places to see, eat, drink, walk and discover (and more).


And the guide features original sketches from the most talented illustrator in Paris, @parisianpostcards (see the Sacre Coeur below). So, what we’re left with is a beautiful, original, jam-packed 60-page booklet that you absolutely must have if you plan to see the best of Paris.

Sacre Coeur.jpg

So how to get it?

You have two options. (The book itself is now sold out).

1) The online PDF

Cost: €19.99

If you want the online version, you can buy the guide as a PDF file that will be sent to your email address. The PDF version is handy because you can click the links, use the guide on your phone while on the go, and not have to worry about postage costs.

PDF guide to Paris

The Earful's guide to Paris


2) Or… get the PDF for FREE if you subscribe on Patreon

If you sign up as an Earful Tower member for US$10 a month – then you get this guide automatically on sign up. And there is plenty more bonus content that unlocks when you subscribe.

Earful tower guide coverWell, that’s it. I hope you enjoy the guide as much as I enjoyed making it.

Thanks for your support and maybe see you in Paris some day.


12 thoughts on “150 Things To Do in Paris: The Earful Tower’s Guide Book

  1. The 150 Things to Do is wonderful! I read through the entire almost 60 pages and now have an ENORMOUS list of absolutely necessary sites! Oh my! Thank you so much, Oliver for organizing such a great resource! Also, the sketches add so much enjoyment ~ thank you Lina Nordic!

    1. You should already have it on the email address you ordered through 🙂 Maybe it went to spam? Thanks for buying it, hope you find some treasures in there.

  2. How do I just purchase the PDF? I’m sorry if it’s right in front of my face-I can’t seem to figure it out.

    1. You should just have to click the purchase link (unless if you’re a Patreon supporter then it’s free!).

  3. I ordered and paid for the city guide and did not receive it. I already checked my SPAM folder. When can I expect it?

    1. In an hour as soon as I get home 🙂 apologies, I’ve been out and need my laptop to send it 🙂

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