All you need to know about my memoir: Paris On Air

UPDATE: The kickstarter succeeded, the book has been printed, the eBook is available, and the audio is on the way! You can get a copy here!

Hello everyone!

I’ve written a book! And not just any old book either, it’s my Paris memoir.

And I’m very excited to share it with you.

Now, I saw this news prompted a lot of questions from you guys. There were hundreds of comments when I posted the book cover on social media, (that’s it below).

But it was hard to tell the full story on Instagram, so I made a whole podcast episode about the book. Why I wrote it, how you can buy it, and what it’s about.

Here’s the episode, hosted by my wife Lina with me as the guest.

What’s the book about?

Well, it’s the story of my past five years in Paris. If I were to write the back cover, it’d start off a bit like this:

Join award-winning podcaster Oliver Gee on this laugh-out-loud journey through the streets of Paris. 

A fresh voice on the Paris scene, he shares the soaring highs and crushing lows that come with following your dreams to the French capital. 

He also befriends the city’s too-cool-for-school basketballers, chases runaway crocodiles, and goes on a mammoth honeymoon trip around France on his little red scooter.

You get the picture…

There are also a bunch of anecdotes and stories from the podcast that you’re surely familiar with already…

So, how do I get a copy?

I launched a pre-sale of the book via the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. My hope was that we could fund the initial print run of the book via these pre-sales (and we did!). Now the Kickstarter is over, but you can still grab a copy on the link below.

Here is the link to order the book.

The book launch was hosted in Coutume Cafe, and below is the link to the replay of the YouTube livestream, where I read the first two pages of the book.

I am very eager to share this story with you. I’m also super excited about making the audio experience (and narrating it myself). But you can hear more about that in this podcast episode.

In any case, the book is ready to go. Here’s a page with how to buy it.

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  1. Was a great episode….am so very glad that you have written a book and can’t wait to read it…well done Lina on your interview!

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