Here we go!! The Earful Tower is coming to the USA

Howdy folks!

Big news here at Earful Tower HQ: Thanks to the incredible generosity of 461 Kickstarter supporters, I can confirm that I will do a tour of the US.

Yes, we crossed the stretch goal of €15,000 via pre-sales of my new memoir, Paris On Air. And, as promised, that means I’m US-bound.

I discussed the plan in depth in an emergency podcast episode today with my wife and trusty sidekick Lina, aka Lovely Lina. Listen here:

One thing we didn’t discuss in the podcast is my outrageous clothes from the last time I went exploring in the US, but the picture above sums it up pretty well.

Practical details

Let me stress this and stress it very clearly. The only thing that is confirmed is that we will come to the US. Nothing else is confirmed. But here are the main ideas.


It’ll be a book tour, so I’ll be reading from the book and signing copies of it. But it’ll also be a Paris-themed soirée. I’ll share some tips and talk about life as a podcaster in Paris.


From the start of May in Seattle to mid-June in Miami, 2020.


Preliminary signs suggest that this will roughly be the route. I am open to change. We will travel west to east.

As I said in the podcast episode, it’s looking likely that the tour will start at The Barrel Thief wine bar in Seattle. Quite likely indeed 🙂

Which cities?

Seattle: May 3, Portland: May 4, San Francisco: May 6, Paso Robles: May , Los Angeles: May 10, San Diego: May 12, Phoenix: May 13, Dallas: May 16, Oklahoma City: May 17, Kansas City: May 18, Omaha: May 19, Chicago: May 21, Cleveland: May 23, Boston: May 27, New York: May 30th, Philadelphia: June 2, Washington DC: June 4, Raleigh: June 5, Atlanta: June 7, Orlando: June 9, Miami: June 11.

Did I mention there’s talk of a soirée at this amazing rooftop, Offshore, in Chicago?

How can I get involved?

Now, everything (and I mean everything) depends on where the crowds will be and where there are available venues. If someone can provide a great spot in Saint Louis but not Omaha, for example, then I’d change the route.

That’s where you guys come in. If you have access to a cool place that’s ripe for a Paris soirée, especially a bar or wine cellar or something where the owner can make some sales too, then please get in touch.

If you can’t do that, please buy a copy of the book which will make a huge difference 🙂

Lastly, Google Maps suggested that our route is 98 hours of driving and 6,528 miles. This is fine. Lina and I once did a 7,000 mile trip in the US and a 3,000 mile trip in France on a scooter!! All this is in the book, so hopefully you’ll know the stories before I arrive.

Let’s do this!

17 thoughts on “Here we go!! The Earful Tower is coming to the USA

  1. Good luck on the trip planning and I’m looking forward to coming to the event in the NYC area around May 30th! It sounds swell!

    1. Oliver and Lina: Malheureusement, your proposed dates are tricky for us since we typically fly to Montreal in mid-June for the Canada Formula One Grand Prix which, in 2020, is 6/11-6/14 and we stay extra days on either side. So that falls right when you will be in south Florida. I spoke with the owner or the Multilingual Language and Cultural Society and she was interested in pursuing being a host for your tour at her center. It’s a nonprofit, very cozy and comfy place for people to meet, mingle, take classes and learn about different languages and cultures. And the wine is plentiful (and donated). Of course, I would very much like to be there so if there’s some earlier flexibility maybe we could make it work. I would hate to miss you altogether but we’ve committed to the Grand Prix and have been going for many, many years. Let me know as your schedule develops. Stephanie Spence Diamond

      1. Sounds like the dates will be tough but as I said, nothing is set in stone yet so let’s see how it develops. Hope you can make it! And thanks for mentioning me to the MLCS. Please ask her to reach out if she is up for having us 🙂 merci

    1. Appreciate your use of tentatively 🙂 Booking 20 events at once is a real handful – let’s see how this goes 🙂

  2. I would suggest you contact The Chamard Vineyard in Clinton, Connecticut…it is a French based winery with its own bistro….you might be able to coordinate with the Jacque Pepin Foundation and the chef himself who lives nearby.

  3. Can’t wait for this adventure….because when it’s over you can organise Australian adventures!!! Seriously though….excited for you…xx kerrin and Leia xx

  4. Oliver and Lina, fun to hear about your USA plans. I live in the Marais (near Le Peloton), but am from Fort Worth, Texas. Fort Worth’s nickname is Cowtown — Lina will find her fancy Western wear in FW (downtown or at the Historic Stockyards). FW also has a large Francophile group that meets monthly and other French connections. May I suggest Fort Worth and Austin as friendly, fun, laid-back places to visit in Texas. Whatever itinerary you choose, stay safe and have fun!

  5. Oliver and Lina – so happy to hear that you added Oklahoma City to your tour! I just ordered your book a few days ago (missed the kickstart), and am eager to meet you both in person. I love Lina’s art also!

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