April in Paris: 7 secrets for the AFUSA from The Earful Tower

Hello and thanks for taking part in today’s talk. That was fun, wasn’t it? As promised, here are the links and addresses for all the secrets. Scroll to the bottom for a membership and a free book, or sign up here and now.

On to the secrets!

1: Walking in the clouds

This walkway is called the “Coulée Verte” or the “Promenade Plantée”. You can find the main entrance on Google Maps here, but there are many entrances along Avenue Daumesnil. This used to be a railway line and was turned into a huge park in the late 1980s – it even inspired the Manhattan high line.

Remember, you can walk all the way to Bois des Vincennes, but it’s a walk of 4.7 km (2.9 miles) and you’ll end up quite far from the city. Also worth noting: The craft shops in the arches below are sometimes exceptional and worth descending for.

2: Walking on the water

Head to the Square Barye on the eastern edge of Ile Saint Louis and look for the little gate. I’ve dropped a pin on Google Maps for the exact location. Then go down the stairs and walk around the edge of the island, you’ll feel like the city is yours! There are rarely people down there and the views are magnificent.

3: Getting an eyeful

The restaurant I mentioned is called Les Ombres and you can find the official site here, and the menu here. Full disclosure, I have never eaten at this restaurant, so I can’t tell you anything about the food, but I have seen the view and it is epic. Here’s the address: 27 Quai Branly, 75007 Paris (Google Maps).

4: Ahoy captain

If you want to visit the boats I mentioned, you want to aim for the Bassin d’Arsenal. The best entry is near the Bastille column, I’ve dropped a pin here on Google Maps. My tip: Walk ALL the way to the end of the marina, cross the little bridge, and turn immediately left for an unexpected tunnel entry to the banks of the Seine river.

5: Sing with me

The singalong restaurant is called Le Vieux Belleville. Their website is quite old-fashioned, but the information is correct. Here’s my own review of the place, from my own visit, with my own pictures. We went for the Edith Piaf night and it was excellent. Address: 12 Rue des Envierges, 75020 Paris

6: The Paris village

Up in Montmartre, you can find a little street called the Villa Leandre. Here it is on Google Maps. You won’t find many tourists around here, even though it’s just a few minutes away from the busy Sacre Coeur. We stop by here on the Earful Walking Tour of Montmartre.

7: The secret garden

And probably my favorite secret, it’s a double whammy. First, you go to the National Archives museum in the Marais, which seems to be a secret in itself. I highly recommend you explore the interior – it’s free! – and you can find opulent rooms and treats like Marie Antoinette’s signed will and testament.

But before you leave, turn left in the courtyard for a very hidden garden full of little ponds, stone reliefs, winding paths, and park benches perfect for a cozy time in the sun. This features in both our Marais tours, which you can explore here. Address: 60 Rue des Francs Bourgeois, 75003 Paris

Well that’s it! My best secrets! I’ll be kicked out of the Paris Secret Community for this.

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