Children’s books for the Loreto Toorak event Oct 27th

Hi there! Oliver Gee here, I’ll be speaking at the Loreto Toorak school on October 27th. Originally from Australia, I’ve been in Paris for eight years and I host the Earful Tower channel (podcast, YouTube, walking tours, and books, all about Paris). You can find more about it all on this very website!

But at Loreto Toorak, I’ll be talking about my Paris-based children’s books, which I wrote, and which were illustrated by my Swedish wife Lina Nordin Gee. She’ll also be at the event.

In short, we have made three best-selling books. One about a crocodile that was released in the Paris canals (a true story!), one about a dancing liger in Paris (pure fiction!), and the new book is the true story of a giraffe that walked to Paris 200 years ago. They’re all hardcover, all beautifully made, and all self-published. (You can read more about each book by clicking on the icons below).

If you’d like one of these books – or indeed the whole trilogy – you can pre-order them on the icons below and we can bring them on the day. Let us know too if you’d like them signed and dedicated.

NOTE: Add the code LORETO at the checkout for 25 percent off! Though the prices are in euros, each book converts to around AU$29 with that discount.

If you want them signed and inscribed, please add details in your order notes. Feel free to email me with any questions.

We’re excited to present the books on the 27th! Until then!

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