Guide to Paris

It’s here! After eleven seasons of The Earful Tower podcast and 100+ expert guests, I proudly release my new and updated guide to Paris.

Where are the tastiest croissants in the 12th arrondissement? What’s the best museum in the sixth? And where’s the top coffee spot in Pigalle?

All these questions – and hundreds more – are answered right here in the PDF guide, which is 120 pages long with some beautiful pictures too!

Yes, I’ve been collecting the tips from all the expert guests on the show, writing them down, and filing them into arrondissements. Then I’ve added my own recommendations and arranged it all into district-by-district guide, 1 through to 20, with suggestions for the best places to see, eat, drink, walk and discover (and more).

There’s a particularly chunky section about Montmartre and the 7th districts after having personally lived in both, but the whole city is covered thoroughly.

So how to get it?

You have two options.

1) Buy the online PDF

Cost: €19.99

You can buy the guide as a PDF file that will be sent to your email address upon purchase. The PDF version has clickable links for more information and is perfect for using on the go.

2) Or… get the PDF for FREE if you subscribe on Patreon

If you sign up as an Earful Tower member for US$10 a month – then you get this guide automatically on sign up. And there is a world of bonus content that unlocks when you subscribe.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the guide to Paris!


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