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This is the second edition of Paris On Air (free international postage). Tip: why not add the audiobook to your cart to get a head start?


Join award-winning podcaster Oliver Gee on this laugh-out-loud journey through the streets of Paris. 

A fresh voice on the Paris scene, he shares the soaring highs and crushing lows that come with following your dreams to the French capital. 

He also befriends the city’s too-cool-for-school basketballers, chases runaway crocodiles, and goes on a mammoth honeymoon trip around France on his little red scooter.

Praise for the author

“Oliver Gee has the talent of finding love and humour in Paris’s smallest details. He definitely is one of our greatest Parisian voices.” – Caroline de Maigret, author of How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are.

“Oliver Gee is very engaging, and presents a different side of Paris, from his personal perspective, with panache, and wit.” – David Lebovitz, author of My Paris Kitchen and Drinking French.

“The Crocodile Dundee of Paris.” – John Baxter, author of The Most Beautiful Walk in The World and A Year in Paris.

“A fresh, entertaining voice and the best on the Paris scene.” – Cara Black, author of the Aimée Leduc mystery novels.

“Oliver’s enthusiasm is contagious, his energy apparently inexhaustible.” – David Downie, author of Paris, Paris: Journey into the City of Light and Paris to the Pyrenees.

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5 thoughts on “Paris On Air paperback

  1. So lovely to join the chat with you today with the French Cultural Center in Boston! I discovered your podcast via David Lebovitz or Cara Black, ages ago, and have been listening a lot during this pandemic while I sew masks. It’s been really great to listen along. I’ve only been to Paris once, after a 5-day trip to Bordeaux last spring (my son is a French major, was studying there). We had one afternoon and evening before flying home the next morning, but all I got to see was the inside of the American Hospital in Paris! The hotel had to take the plywood down from the front door (Gilot Jeunes) to get me in the taxi, where I sped like Madeleine (exactly!). I made it home safely to Boston for emergency gallbladder surgery. The whole story is much more funny (and a little scary). The Parisians were incredibly kind, but sadly I did not get to see any of Paris! Now I get to see it through your eyes, so thank you for all the great episodes! Merci, Nicole

  2. I’ve been really enjoying listening to your podcast, stumbled across it when getting ready for a trip to Paris coming up on May 12, of course that’s not happening for the moment but hopefully will happen someday! So enjoy your enthusiastic sense of adventure! And truly appreciate Linas daily watercolors!! Caught the end of the Pub Quiz today lots of fun! Keep up the good work! So excited for the book!

  3. I am so glad i came across your podcast. I am a confirmed francophile and i will find any excuse to go to France. I even studied for a post graduate at HEC Paris. I have missed France terribly this lockdown season and your podcast is a welcome delight!

    1. Oh I’m so glad to hear it – welcome to this little community 😉 thanks for supporting it too!!!

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