Paris On Air: The E-book


Get the e-book, viewable on ALL popular eReaders.


Get the e-book, viewable on ALL popular eReaders.

5 thoughts on “Paris On Air: The E-book

  1. Hi Oliver, I’m a listener from Melbourne, Australia who came across your podcast when preparing for a trip to Paris with my family (hubby and two sons aged 12 and 10) which we did last September. Thanks to your show we were entertained not only by the usual Parisien drawcards but also the phallic “baguettes magiques” (my youngest was big fan), the space invader art and I loved seeing the wall as we stayed in Rue du Cardinal Lemoine in the 5th. Looking forward to reading your book.
    Thanks for continuing to educate and entertain us during these crazy times.

  2. Hi Oliver,
    I’ve paid for your ebook which I look forward to reading. I’d like to know the lication from which I can download the text. Thank you.

    1. I’m so glad you messaged me – you put a typo in your email address and it bounced back. I had no way of contacting you to alert you to this. Can you email me privately with your correct email address?

  3. The Cafe de Musee, across from the Musee Rodin, is a great place for a coffee or a beer, after touring the museum! It’s quite comfortable, and the people are quite nice.

  4. I’m a newcomer however I, at age 22, left Oklahoma with a one way ticket and $200 and went to Paris. I lived in the Hotel Welcome at 66 rue de Seine until I met a young German who convinced me to move to Cologne. I stayed in Europe until 1970.

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