Seattle: The Earful Tower book tour

Hello Seattle!

Here is the practical information for our visit to your city. Remember, the details may change, so bookmark this page and check it again before you show up anywhere!


It’s the book tour for my new memoir, Paris On Air. Surely you knew that bit already! I’ll be there with my wife, Lina. And I’ll be reading a little from my book, talking about Paris, and hopefully meeting a bunch of you listeners. Consider it an Earful Tower soirée.


Sunday May 3rd 2020, 1pm. This is the bit that may change. Watch this space!


The Barrel Thief – Wine & Whiskey Bar. It’s in Fremont and here’s the link to the bar.

Address: 3417 Evanston Ave N #102, Seattle, WA 98103, United States

This will be the first event of the tour, so I would really love your input. Are you thinking to come? Would you bring a friend? Would you buy a copy of the book?

Help me to know what to expect, leave comments below, share this with your friends… you guys know the drill 🙂

See you in Seattle!

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