Seattle: The Earful Tower virtual book tour

Hello Seattle!

Thanks for registering for today’s book talk.

Here are the links to get your copy of Paris On Air and to become an Earful Tower member.

The Full Basket (paperback, audio, and PDF Paris guide)

… seen here dangling above Montmartre. Yep, grab this bundle and I’ll mail you the book, and email you the audio experience plus my mega guide to Paris.

The paperback book

This includes postage and we’re shipping from Seattle!

The audio experience

When you buy this I’ll send you the top-secret password to access the audiobook right here on this site. Guard it with your life!

Become a Patreon member

As you’ll read in the book, it’s thanks to the lovely Earful Tower members that I turned this podcast from a hobby to a career. Join the members today and get access to almost endless hours of extra entertainment (and occasional invites to balconies like the one pictured below). Sign up here.

More about Vero!

Our lovely moderator was Veronique Savoye. That’s her below on the right, dressed up as Meg Ryan. You can find her online as “France With Vero”. She is an exceptional tour guide, France expert, and lived in Seattle for 23 years!

Please follow her on Instagram here, Facebook here, and subscribe to her YouTube for her excellent Apero With Vero! And support her on Patreon here.

Lastly, I want to give a shoutout to The Barrel Thief – Wine & Whiskey Bar. This is where the event would have been held. It’s in Fremont and here’s the link to the bar. When things get back to normal, I’m sure they’ll be stocking copies of my book.

Lastly, if you were watching from another town and you enjoyed this hangout, why not help me secure something similar in your city? Get in touch with your Alliance Francaise? Or maybe I’ll be already coming to your town: Tour itinerary here.

See you next time and thanks for watching!

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