The Croc-Monsieur that toured the world

I made a tote bag (read about it here) and I asked you guys to send me pictures of it.

Here are the impressive journeys of a Paris crocodile. Let’s start close. Here it is in Paris.

But I took that picture, so it doesn’t count. However, it didn’t take long for the tote to head elsewhere, with the pic below coming in from Janine Marsh of the Good Life in France fame. (Her episode here.)

“Daisy Duck meets Croc Monsieur in the rural 7 Valleys northern France,” she wrote.

croc monsieur (1).jpg

The croc spread its wings and moved north east to Sweden, where no warm-blooded reptile belongs. Here’s Anne Louise’s tote near Stockholm.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 15.jpg

Things spirally quickly outwards from there, and before I knew it, the bag ended up in Niagara Falls with April.

Just when I thought it couldn’t go further, it went to Seattle, thanks to our favourite blogger in the US, French Girl in Seattle!

Then, wonder of wonders, we cracked the Puerto Rico market!

But it wasn’t done yet. Here’s a pic from author Lily Heise, who took her bag to the Himalayas. Pictured, she says, is the Annapurna circuit on the Dhaulagiri mountain, the seventh highest mountain in the world at 8,167 metres (26,795 ft). Now we’re learning something too. 


The Himalayas took my breath away, that is, until I saw it had travelled even further. Check out this tweet below, from Somerville in Victoria, Australia. Thanks Brian!

At this point, I realized the bag couldn’t possibly get further from Paris.

But how wrong I was. I opened my emails one day to this message:

“Paris to Niagara Falls – 6,000 kilometers. Paris to Himalayas – 7,000 kilometers. Big deal! Paris to the Grand Pacific Hotel in Fiji – 16,560 kilometers. Now we are talking my friend.”

Apparently they play the podcast in the hotel while dreaming of Paris. Thanks guys!


Yes thanks to all who bought the tote bag, which has now sold out. Check out the new version, the Lunchpack of Notre Dame.