What YOU’RE saying

No one likes a bragger, so here is a balanced look at the feedback for this show.

From the guests:

“They tried to blindfold me…” chef David Lebovitz.

“Never in the field of human broadcasting were so many stairs climbed by so few…” author Stephen Clarke.

“I can’t say I was entirely happy to climb those stairs” author John Baxter.

“What do you mean you deleted the episode?” Maggie Kim of Les Lolos blog.

“What do you mean you deleted the episode?” Paul from Bike About Tours (pictured above).

Listener reviews:

Meanwhile, I’ve always wondered what the full film review says when you read “… excellent…” on the cover. Did it say “This film is not excellent … “?

With this in mind, I’ve randomly picked a few words from the reviews.

“… disastrous… ” Katherine.

“… the monotony…” Annalisa.

“… aggressive… insulting….” Anakadji.

Those are actually taken from the iTunes reviews here. Here’s a screenshot from the page 🙂 Thanks to all who leave kind words!

Full iTunes reviews.jpg


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