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Season three is well underway!

Otherwise, here are all the episodes from the first two seasons in one page – from newest to oldest:

Ep. 50. SEASON FINALE: The woman who let loose two crocodiles in the Paris canals

Ep. 49. Finding Mary: Can I solve a ten-year-old Paris mystery?

Ep. 48. Observations on the Paris Metro…. from inside the Metro (with Luke Thompson)

Ep. 47. Mistakes you might be making while eating French cheese (with Jennifer Greco)

Ep. 46. Here’s exactly how to pronounce the ten hardest French words (with Camille from French Today)

Ep. 45. Everything you know about Parisian women is WRONG! (with Julie Collas)

Ep. 44. Inside the American library in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower (with Grant Rosenberg)

Ep. 43. A stroll through the Paris Sewers (with Amber Minogue)

Ep 42. LIVE EPISODE with John Baxter (and an audience)

Ep 41. Meet the couple recreating Paris with embroidery

Ep 40. Guadeloupe and French tongue twisters (with Laura K Lawless)

Ep 39. Meet the man matching his shoes to his French pastry (with Tal Spiegel)

Ep 38. What’s so special about the Left Bank of Paris? 

Ep 37. Sex, love, and rock ‘n’ roll with a top Paris blogger (with Maggie Kim)

Ep 36. How to be a tourist in Paris (in 1911) – with Corey Frye

Ep 35. How I see Paris after 50+ years as an expat (With Jim Bain)

Ep 34. How to NOT be an American in Paris (with Heidi Moore)

Ep 33. Why is Paris called Paname? (with podcaster Amber Minogue)

Ep 32.  Nico from HolyBelly: ‘I used to hate the word brunch’

Ep 31. How to survive Paris on a VERY low budget (with musician Samuel Barrantes)

Ep 30. The invisible side of Paris (and a very bloody painting)

Ep 29. Lindsey Tramuta: The best restaurants on the right bank of Paris (plus elephant soup)

Ep 28. John Baxter, a surprise for a listener, and how being a flaneur in Paris could KILL you!

Ep 27. Author Stephen Clarke: A new play, wordplay, and Quasimodo

Ep 26. Olivier Giraud: What makes Parisians so unique?

Ep 25. Season one finaleParis scooter challenge: Top 20 in one day

Ep 24. Are Parisians impolite? (with Lina from Parisian Postcards)

Ep 23. Coffee, selfie sticks, and the newest cafe in Paris (with Guy from Cafe Oberkampf)

Ep 22. Are the French good at speaking English? (with podcaster Luke Thompson)

Ep 21. The best bar in each Paris arrondissement  (with Forest Collins)

Ep 20. Ten tour guides reveal their best Paris secrets

Ep 19. The new Hemingways of Paris (and where to find them)

Ep 18. The most embarrassing mistakes to make in French (with writer Lily Heise)

Ep 17. The worst words in the French language

Ep 16. Talking French movies (with Lost in Frenchlation)

Ep 15. The 24 best words in the French language

Ep 14. The secrets of the Marais in Paris (according to its mayor)

Ep 13. The struggles of being a woman in France (with TV reporter Annette Young)

Ep 12. The best streets in Paris (to see on a bike) (with Bike About Tours)

Ep 11. Talking merde with author Stephen Clarke

Ep 10. David Lebovitz: The A to Z of French food

Ep 9. Comedian Paul Taylor on French bashing

Ep 8. Understanding the new Paris, with Lindsey Tramuta

Ep 7. The must-sees of all 20 arrondissements (with tour guide Corey Frye)

Ep 6. Inventing words by mixing French and English: A competition

Ep 5. The ups and downs of being bilingual (with three fully bilingual guests)

Ep 4. Writing a Paris memoir, with Lisa Anselmo

Ep 3. The changing coffee scene in Paris with Coutume’s Tom Clark

Ep 2. The ‘only street’ in Paris, with author Elaine Sciolino

Ep 1. Live music (and French slang) with Slim & the Beast

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