About The Earful Tower

The Earful Tower is an award-winning podcast and video channel where I try to figure out France, usually with the help of people who know better than I do.

Who am I?

I’m Oliver Gee, an Australian in Paris, and I host the podcast and the videos. That’s me in the video below, which has had millions of hits.

I used to be a full-time journalist in Paris, but switched to podcasting in December 2017. I moved to Paris in early 2015. You can find me on Twitter here.

What is The Earful Tower podcast?

Basically it’s a talk show for your ears. The guests are everyone from tour guides to TV presenters, cooks to comedians, mayors to ambassadors.

I’ve done well over 100 episodes and the show has had well over 500,000 downloads (currently around 40,000 a month).

There’s also a really active Facebook and Instagram page with loads of extra content, and a YouTube page for the more visual among you.

What’s a podcast?

It’s like a radio show that you can play whenever you want. If you like the sound of all this, then I recommend you subscribe to the show, meaning you get each new episode straight on your phone as soon as it’s published. Here’s a full guide to how to do it.

So where to get started?

If you like books, I’ve had plenty of authors on before and I’ve even launched a book club. If you like French food and drinks, there’s something for you too. If you like Paris and all its secrets, then click here. And if you prefer language check here.

If you want to support the show, browse the Patreon page where subscribing unlocks a whole new world of extras.

Maybe I’ll see you on the other side. If not, you’ll always hear from me on Monday and Thursday, which is when I release new podcast episodes.

Thanks for listening.


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