Let’s start with the basics: This is a regular radio show that sees me trying to figure out France, usually with the help of a special guest.

Who am I? I’m Oliver Gee, an Australian in Paris. That’s me up above (on the left, not the guy on the right). You can find me on Twitter here. I’m the host and the editor of the show, and I use the microphones at World Radio Paris where you can also listen in.

The guests are everyone from tour guides to TV presenters, cooks to comedians, and we’ve even had a Paris mayor.

Here’s the full list of episodes so far.

What’s a podcast? It’s like a radio show that you can play whenever you want.

So where to get started?

If you like books, we’ve had plenty of authors on before.

If you like French food and drinks, there’s something for you too.

And if you like Paris and all its secrets, then click here.

Prefer language? Check here.

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And finally, if you have an idea, want to get in touch, or even think you should be a guest, then contact me here.

Thanks for listening.

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