About The Earful Tower channel

The Earful Tower is an award-winning podcast about Paris and France, hosted by Oliver Gee, and usually featuring special guests who make the City of Lights shine.

“It’s not hard to imagine being transported to Paris while listening,” said The New York Times when it ranked The Earful Tower among the world’s “most transportive” podcasts.

There have been close to 300 episodes and 2 million downloads since the launch in 2017.

Who is Oliver Gee?

Well that’s me! I’m an Australian in Paris, and I host it all.

I used to be a full-time journalist in Paris, but switched to podcasting in December 2017. I moved to Paris in early 2015 and stayed through some very interesting times.

This story formed the plot of my book, Paris On Air, a self-published memoir that went wild on Kickstarter and has top reviews from readers all over the world.

I also teamed up with my wife Lina to make two children’s books, Kylie the Crocodile and Roger the Liger, both of which you can find in my online shop here.

What is The Earful Tower podcast?

It’s a free weekly audio show, typically with a special guest who shares their story over half an hour. These guests include authors, tour guides, TV presenters, cooks and comedians, mayors and ambassadors… There are actors, YouTubers, supermodels… you name it.

If you already listen, I recommend you join the very active Facebook and Instagram pages, with loads of extra content, and the YouTube page too.

All in all, there are over 50,000 people following The Earful Tower.

Hang on, what’s a podcast?

It’s like a radio show that you can play whenever you want. If you like the sound of all this, then I recommend you subscribe to the show, meaning you get each new episode straight on your phone as soon as it’s published. Here’s a full guide to how to do it (and it’s even on Spotify).

To make it nice and easy, here are all the episodes I’ve ever made.

So where to get started?

If you like books, I’ve had plenty of authors on before and I’ve even launched a book club. If you like French food and drinks, there’s something for you too. If you like Paris and all its secrets, then click here. And if you prefer language check here.

If you want to support the show, head over to the Patreon page where subscribing unlocks a whole new world of extras, including my 120 page PDF guide to Paris.

You’ll hear from me every Monday, without fail, with a new guest on the podcast.

Thanks for listening.


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