American Friends of the Louvre: How to find the Philippe Auguste Wall in Paris

If you’re reading this page, you probably just watched my talk about my favourite architectural wonder of Paris: the Philippe Auguste Wall.

You got the full story in the talk, but here are some more pics, some practical information for finding the wall, and finally a little more information about me and my work.

Let’s start with the parts of the wall that are easiest to find.

The easy bits

The following are examples of the easiest-to-find vestiges. They’re in plain sight and unmissable. I’ve selected the four main vestiges.

The captions explain where and what they are, and you can click to enlarge them.

The medium bits: The towers

These towers can be a little trickier to find. Sometimes you’ll need to go through a gate, into a museum, a car park, a restaurant… but they’re all accessible enough! Here are some of my favourite towers. There are more, but these are the best!

The hard bits

When it comes to the hard bits, you’ll have to go “Indiana Jones mode” if you want to see them. You’ll have to sneak into a courtyard behind a local, or perhaps just ask politely.

It would be insane of my to share all of my top secret discoveries, so here are a few to start you off. To find the full list, you’ll have to become a member and watch my video.

How to find the wall yourself

That’s it! As for me, I’m Oliver Gee and I’m the host of the popular Paris podcast The Earful Tower. The podcast was recently lauded by the New York Times as a great way to travel by ear. Subscribe – it’s free! I’m originally from Australia and have lived in Paris since 2015.

If you want to watch the exciting video where I go into all the Left Bank courtyards, become a member here. And here is the direct link to the video once you’ve signed up.

Below is an image of me while making the video. It was taken by a resident who bought her home specifically to live by the wall.

Now, if you enjoyed this presentation, you will love my book, Paris On Air. You can find it on this page or the icons below.

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