Patreon-Only: ‘Behind the doors’ photos of Philippe Auguste Wall

This is a quick guide to show what we might not see behind closed doors (if I can’t get in!) If you want to check some more facts, here’s the Wiki Page for the wall, but some of this info is definitely inaccurate.

Here’s my podcast episode from when I traced the Right Bank of the wall.

Consider this page as the slide show that goes with the walk show!

Here’s the rough map of our journey. This is a map from many centuries ago. I’ll start on at the river.

Behind Doorway 1: The historian’s house

Building 2: Under the post office

Note, this is not my pic, I’ve not been here yet. It’s arched for the Bievre river to run through. Interesting link if you want to read more.

Building 3: Next to the post office

Building 4: Behind the fire station

Building 4: Behind rue Clovis

Bonus: Rue Mazarine car park

Too far to walk and internet doesn’t work down there!

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