Inventing words by mixing French and English: A competition

So what is Franglais Wordplay?

Basically – it’s mixing a French word and an English word to help explain France.

For example: The unwritten rules of breaking bread with the French is Baguettiquette, (baguette plus etiquette). If you think that’s a bad pun, here’s a taste of some more from the episode (listen below):

Creme brulaydown – When you’ve had too much French dessert and need a rest.

Gone Appetit – What to say when you’re served unappetizing French food.

Metrobot – A pushy Parisian on public transport.

Chocolat chaud-off – Someone who takes too many pictures of their chocolat chaud or coffee for Instagram.

Deja rue – when you feel like you’ve walked down a French street before

Champagne in the bum – Someone who insists that it isn’t champagne unless it’s from the actual Champagne region.

Parison – When you feel like you’ve been trapped in Paris too long.

Other examples: The Farseillaise, Soldestroying, Shock monsieur. 

Expect laughs, groans, and creativity (and full explanations) as our host Oliver takes on The Local France’s Editor Ben McPartland and journalist Sam Davies to each present five new examples of “Franglais wordplay”.

And we even have judges to determine the winner… what’s your favourite? Listen below and let us know!

Further listening: 

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