The secrets of the Marais in Paris (according to its mayor)

EPISODE 14: Something different this week — and out first French guest — it’s Christophe Girard, the mayor of the fourth arrondissement of Paris (who speaks great English!)

We met him in the town hall to talk about the newly pedestrianized right bank of the River Seine (see pic above), the secrets of his district, and the best coffee in town.

We also talked about what a mayor actually does and how to tackle a littering Parisian (not literally tackle, mind you).

Listen below.

By the way, below is a pic of his recommendation for a good wine, Chez Julien.

Just down the road from here you can find the boys from Le Peloton café. The mayor seems to like these lads a lot, and they’ve been guests on The Earful Tower before. Get an earful yourself here.


That’s it! If you like these tips, be sure to check out The Earful Tower’s Guide to Paris.

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