🎙️ The most embarrassing mistakes to make in French

EPISODE 18. We asked listeners for their most embarrassing mistakes when trying to speak French and here are the results.

Important background:

Jouer means “to play”, jouir means “to orgasm”. 

J’ai chaud means “I’m hot”, je suis chaud means “I’m horny”. 

Un baiser is “a kiss”, baiser is “to f$$k”

The rest are pretty self explanatory. Listen to the episode by pressing play below.


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Thanks to Lily Heise, the author who co-hosted the episode. She has just come out with her second book, Je T’Aime Maybe? (check it out here) and check her site here for everything about love and dating in Paris.

Lily took over our Instagram account for the week when this episode came out, posting pics of her Paris and some of the places she mentioned in the Quickfire round.  See an example below.

Lastly, if you wanna contribute to future episodes, join the discussions on our Facebook page… that’s how this episode came about (see below).


Further listening: 

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