What to expect from season two of The Earful Tower

Good news! Season two of the Earful Tower is here (tomorrow).

Before we get into what you can expect from it, here’s some background on who we are and what we do.

The Earful Tower is a podcast plus a blog where we try and figure out France and especially Paris, with the help of guests who know best.

Season one ran from December 2016 until July 2017 and we put out 25 episodes, a bunch of blog posts, and several Facebook videos.

And we also had a lot of fun, nearly spilling wine over a blindfolded David Lebovitz, almost getting run over at the Moulin Rouge, and failing miserably in our attempts to see all 20 arrondissements in one day from the back of the red scooter.

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Anyway, the stats are in — and, drum roll — we had 100,000 hits for the first season! Not bad considering we started with no followers, no Facebook fans, and no idea at all. And to the 2,000+ followers on Facebook – a huge merci!

In our books, 100,000 hits is as good as a popular demand for another season, so we’ve decided to make it and we’ll launch it tomorrow.

So, what can you expect from season two?

First things first, we’ve got some great interviews already recorded. We got tongue tied with theatre king Olivier Giraud (from How To Become Parisian In One Hour), learned French swear words from best-selling author Stephen Clarke, got restaurant tips from Lost in Cheeseland’s Lindsey Tramuta, and learned how to be a flaneur with writer and tour guide John Baxter.

Expect way more videos, new segments, and more Facebook Live interviews – so be sure to follow along on Facebook for more.

We also have a new studio – on the very top floor of a building in central Paris. And there’s no elevator, so if you think the guests sound a bit breathless then you’re probably right.

So, if you want to hear all these interviews, then you need to subscribe on iTunes (or wherever you get your podcasts), and they’ll be sent directly to your phone so you can listen immediately.

If you’re thinking: “Hey, this is the kind of show I should sponsor” then please get in touch immediately.

If you’re thinking: “I like the show, how can I help?” then never hesitate to give us Facebook likes and shares, iTunes reviews, and don’t think twice about recommending us to your friends who love Paris and France.

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