Author Stephen Clarke: A new play, wordplay, and Quasimodo

Earful Tower listeners!

In the studio this week is Stephen Clarke, the author behind all those Merde books and the man who is behind a new play hitting Paris this month – the Merde Factor. As for Quasimodo, more on that in a sec.

Here’s the audio file from our chat with Stephen, listen by clicking play below (or subscribe to the podcast so you can listen whenever you want).

Below is a video excerpt from our chat if you’re in a hurry, taken directly from our Facebook page where we have JUST hit the 2,000 “likes” mark. Join the club here.

As usual, the show ends with a story, and this time you get two stories for the price of one. The first is about Quasimodo, the hunchback of Notre Dame (could he have been a real person….?) and the second is about the Eiffel Tower and how it was never meant to be standing today.

Want to find out more about Stephen’s play? It’s being performed on the 18th and 25th of September. Click here for tickets and see his official site here.

Want way more cool episodes from us? Stay tuned, they’re on the way.

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