What’s so special about the Left Bank of Paris?

The Left Bank, or, as the French say, the Rive Gauche.

What is it? Where is it? Or who is it?

All these questions are answered with the help of four people leading interesting lives on the Left Bank: author John Baxter, Set in Paris’s Abigail de Bruyne, Coutume’s Tom Clark, and tour guide Corey Frye.

And a big thanks to the red scooter for making it all possible in one day.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures and info from the places recommended, in order they were mentioned.

Place de Furstenberg

Rue Mazarine

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Jardin de Luxembourg

Café De La Nouvelle Mairie

And lastly, the Rue de la Chat Qui Peche

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The Earful Tower’s Guide to Paris

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3 thoughts on “What’s so special about the Left Bank of Paris?

  1. I would definitely come if I was in Paris!! I really hope a lot of people will come to show you they support your show! Plus, thanks for this episode on the historical “rivalry” between the two banks of Paris! 😛

  2. Fabulous episode…you have kind of made me go further into the left bank…been to the periphery many times but feels like I need to explore more….you made me want to do that!!!!

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