🎙️ Have you heard of the American library by the Eiffel Tower?

This week we head to the American Library in Paris to talk to Grant Rosenberg all about books, Paris, and working right next to the Eiffel Tower.

Who’s Grant Rosenberg? Why, he’s the man who oversees the programmes at the library!

Hang around at the end of the episode for Corey Frye, tour guide extraordinaire, who somehow ties it all together at the end with a Paris story related to libraries too!

If you’re a fan of books and authors, check out our books about Paris section for past interviews with Stephen Clarke, Elaine Sciolino, John Baxter (and more).

Find more about the American Library here, and book a tour with Corey Frye, A French Frye in Paris, here.


5 thoughts on “🎙️ Have you heard of the American library by the Eiffel Tower?

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  1. My second comment!!!…these people make it hard for us to tell you how great this is!!…anyway another great podcast from somewhere I had zero clue existed!!!!


  2. The library is quiet and beautiful, the staff welcoming. Their special events wonderful. The location cannot be beat. One day I hope to be a patron of this library, not just the occasional out of town guest.


  3. I’m like Kerrin, I have lived in Paris without knowing this institution existed! Would it be possible to have the titles of the books and movies mentioned? 🙂 Once again, thanks for this wealth of information from you and Corey!!


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