Paris cafés: The best place for a coffee in every arrondissement

If you know The Earful Tower, you know I like to divide Paris into the “best of” for each of the 20 districts (or arrondissements). I’ve done it with barsrestaurants, free things to do

In fact, I’ve done a whole guide to the city


Anyway, now it’s time to turn my attention to coffee. Here’s what I recommend, with a few tips from past guests thrown in. And yes, this is almost all specialty coffee where something like a cappuccino would cost four to five euros.

1st: Kitsune

This place is pretty petite, but the location is great. In fact, get a takeaway coffee and go and explore the Palais Royale on the café’s doorstep. Address: 52 rue de Richelieu.

2nd: Mata Mata

Friendly staff, New Zealand vibe, and a surprisingly big downstairs area. The cafe’s surroundings are excellent, with Rue Montorgueil just around the corner. Address: 58 rue d’Argout.

3rd: Cafe Loustic

Tucked away on a side street near the Pompidou museum, this place offers strong banter from the owner Channa, but much stronger coffee. Address: 40 Rue Chapon

4th: Le Peloton 

This place is regularly mentioned on The Earful Tower and for good reason: They’re the friendliest baristas in Paris and their filter coffee is worth having twice. Address: 17 Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe

5th: Shakespeare and Co cafe

You’d be mad not to grab a coffee here after you’ve checked out the books on offer next door. Sit outside and enjoy an unparalleled view of the Notre Dame Cathedral. Address: 37 Rue de la Bûcherie

6th: The Café Procope

It’s the oldest still-running café in France, founded in 1686, and offers unmissable French revolution memorabilia upstairs. You can even see Napoleon’s hat. Address: 13 Rue de l’Ancienne Comédie

7th: Coutume

This place is simply the Godfather of the Paris coffee scene. It, alone, is worth the trip across the River Seine. Address: 47 rue de Babylone.

And imagine this, the Aussie behind Coutume was one of the first ever guests on this podcast. Wow, that seems like a lifetime ago.


8th: The Café du Petit Palais

It’s free to access the interior courtyard of the Petit Palais art museum. The cafe’s coffee might not win any awards, the setting is a real treat. Address: Avenue Winston Churchill

9th: KB

This coffee shop is a top spot for people-watching over a flat white. It has one of the best terraces in Paris. Nico, the owner, was on the show talking about Pigalle (see below). Address: 53 avenue Trudaine

10th: Ten Belles

It may look little from the outside, but pop inside and enjoy a hot coffee served by warm-hearted baristas. Address: 10 Rue de la Grange aux Belles

11th: Cafe Méricourt

The freshest spot on the Paris coffee scene, this place is filled with natural light from the huge windows and from the guy who runs the place, Guy. Address: 22 Rue de la Folie Méricourt

He was on The Earful Tower podcast talking about whether hipsters are ruining Paris here.


12th: Café Aouba

This tiny little spot is hidden by the Aligre Markets and is the perfect place to grab a coffee before taking on the markets. And they roast their own beans too. Address: 30 rue d’Aligre

13th: L’arobase cafe

Someone in the coffee industry told me that the 13th arrondissement is a “wasteland for good coffee”. Seems true to me, this area was the hardest to find a good coffee shop. But L’arobase will tide you over and their cakes get great reviews. Address: 101 rue du chevaleret

14th: Hexagone cafe

While it might be a little off the beaten track, these guys know their coffee and it’s worth finding. Address: 121 rue du Château

15th: Good News Coffee Shop

This place is the newest on the list, it opened in April 2018. Fresh, light, and run by an Aussie with a passion for good coffee. Check it out. Address: 27 bis Rue Mademoiselle.

16th: You Decide

EDIT: This cafe has closed. I’m looking for a replacement. Email me with tips!

You gotta love the name of this cafe. Where shall we go? You Decide. Ha! Anyway, come out here if you’re looking for a little lunch before your coffee too. Address: 152 Avenue Victor Hugo

17th: Dose 

Cosy setting in the heart of the ever-charming Batignolles area, with friendly staff and tasty coffee. What more do you need? Address: 82 Place du Dr Félix Lobligeois

18th: Cafe Lomi

This place has something quite rare in Paris… a really wide open view through the windowed entry wall. It feels like you’re in Australia with all that space. And the staff make the effort to remember your name. Address: 3 ter Rue Marcadet

19th: Kaffeebar

Tucked away behind the canal (in the area that’s quickly becoming the new trendy hangout for Parisians) you’ll find Kaffeebar. The perfect way to reward yourself after a long canal stroll. Address: 26B Rue de l’Ourcq

20th: Le Barbouquin

Here’s a neat spot on the most colourful street in Paris. Nice coffees and great ice coffee when it’s hot outside. Address: 1 Rue Denoyez, 75020 Paris

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8 thoughts on “Paris cafés: The best place for a coffee in every arrondissement

  1. Hello Earful Tower! As an addition to this excellently helpful post, Boot Café at 26 rue des Grands Augustins in the 6th is across the road from my apartment and the answer to all of my prayers! They know how to turn coffee with milk into a perfect café latte (on the menu as a café creme) ☺️.

  2. My son was in Paris this week, so I sent him to Shakespeare and Co cafe on your recommendation. He said the coffee was good and he even bought a book next door! Merci Oliver.

  3. Kitsune might be hip but it uses UHT milk which must disqualify it, so for the 1st it should be Telescope, which deserves respect as one of the original new-wave coffee places in Paris. Kaffee is a nice spot but for a really good cup of coffee in the 19th you have to go to Belleville Brulerie – although, strictly speaking, it’s not a cafe

  4. La Caféothèque in the 4th is also fantastic. No laptops during the weekend and the coffee is nearly as good as you would get in Melbourne.

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