The Earful Tower’s Walk Shows (and how to watch them)

I am now encouraging the Earful Tower podcast guests to come on a bonus video Walk Show with me.

In case this is confusing, I figured I’d spell out the plan a bit so you know how to watch these videos and support The Earful Tower at the same time.

But first, if you’re absolutely lost, watch some of the highlight clips below from the many I’ve already done.

So what’s a Walk Show?

Well, you’ve heard of a talk show – and you’ve heard of a walk, right? Well it’s just the two combined. Me and a guest, a camera, a stabilizer, and the streets of Paris. That’s about it. I did the first one in April 2017 (see pic below) – and thanks to better equipment from generous subscribers to this show, these Walk Shows are getting better each time.

Essentially, me, the guest, and the viewer at home are all flaneurs walking around Paris, finding interesting things and hopefully having interesting chats.

How often do you do these Walk Shows?

For the ‘Flaneur Club’ on Patreon, I do one walk a week, rain, hail, or snow. This group costs US$10 a month to join. Once you sign up, you get access to a closed Facebook group where the videos are shown live each week.

There are also subscriber tiers that are higher and lower to suit your taste and wallet.


So how can I watch the shows?

If you sign up as a subscriber on Patreon (as explained above), then you get instructions to find the closed Facebook groups where all the live action happens. And if you miss them live, they’re available for replay forever more.

What if I don’t want to pay?

While access to the live videos is reserved for subscribers, you can still watch the supercut 90-second versions on YouTube here. Subscribe to the YouTube channel here.

And, every now and again, I’ll do a Walk Show for free for everyone on Facebook, just for the heck of it.

In case everything above has been very confusing, take a look at the 60-second supercut of all my videos. That’ll give you a good idea of what’s going on.

Lastly, what do the other subscribers think?

Here’s a recent YouTube comment from a listener in Australia – Brian – who, for full disclosure, I’ve never met before.

“I am a supporter of The Earful Tower on Patreon. It is one of my favorite expenses of the month. Instead of buying magazines, newspapers and books on Paris, Oliver takes me on real live walks around Paris with interesting people which I usually watch as I eat mon petit déjeuner. Don’t delay. Go support Oliver on Patreon. You won’t regret it.”

Here’s another review, from someone else I don’t know.

You heard them! What are you waiting for? And a million thanks in advance if you join the club – you’re helping secure the future of this show!

The link to become a member:

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  1. I am already supporting Oliver and I urge all people interested in a casual “we all don’t know everything “ attitude walk around different parts of Paris…please support this great guide/guy!..a cappuccino a week or a walk around Paris?…I know what I chose!…keep up the great work Oliver

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