Talking Paris, gay marriage, and Vegemite with the Australian Ambassador to France

If you’ve not heard of His Excellency the Australian Ambassador Brendan Berne (or ‘Bernie’ to his mates), you missed him going viral in December.

Yes, his proposal to his partner was the talk of the town and made headlines around the world (watch it below).

Now, three months on, The Earful Tower heads to the scene of the video – the ambassador’s residence on top of the embassy – to talk about the video, how to get Australian delicacies in Paris, and just what exactly an ambassador in Paris does.

Here’s the podcast interview:

After the interview, we did a Walk Show around his incredible residence. Here’s the short version on The Earful Tower’s brand new YouTube page, please consider signing up on Patreon to see the whole thing.

Lastly, here’s Imogen the koala on the side of the Australian embassy:

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4 thoughts on “Talking Paris, gay marriage, and Vegemite with the Australian Ambassador to France

  1. They just keep getting better Oliver!..that was a great interview and have the Ambassador a human side…which we don’t see very often…and a Fabulous apartment!!…keep up the great work…and now the live show in the residence in December so I can attend!!!…again well done..Kerrin and Leia

  2. Excellent episode, as usual! But as an previous employee of the French Consulate in Sydney, I can say that technically I was back in France everyday as soon as I was back in the office! 🙂 This is one of the diplomatic mysteries ^^ Apart from that, thanks for allowing us to discover a lot of things again, I just watched the video and honestly, you don’t have to blush because your French accent! One last thing, I don’t know about the Ambassador’s residency in Canberra, but as for the Consul General in Sydney, his allocated house is from far not as well situated as Brendan Berne’s residence!! 😛

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