Are hipsters ruining Paris?

Photo: Pxhere/Creative commons

This week we’ve got Guy Griffin in the studio talking about hipsters, coffee, and Paris. Full disclosure, that’s not Guy in the picture above. That’s just a regular hipster from the internet.

Guy, who is pictured below, is the man behind Cafe Oberkampf and Cafe Mericourt in the trendy 11th arrondissement. Check those coffee shops out right now.

Some may say Guy is a hipster himself, so who better to discuss hipsters and how they’re changing Paris?

Listen to the episode here.

Guy hung around for a Walk Show after the episode, which you can watch if you become a Patreon member here.

Here’s the teaser trailer for it.

In fact, Guy was the first ever person to do a Walk Show with The Earful Tower, almost one year ago! Below is the supercut from that first walk.

Look, there’s Guy on the day of the second Live Walk.

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