An abandoned railway station in Paris

So I found myself on a Paris treasure hunt today, all along the abandoned railway lines of eastern Paris.

This petite ceinture (literally the “little belt”) was in use for the trains until 1934, but nowadays it’s just a setting for a weekend stroll.

I took the pictures below in the 12th arrondissement, where you can find several entrances to the train line if you want to take a similar walk. And don’t worry, there aren’t any trains any more – though you might stumble on some unusual photo shoots, just as I did.

Don’t forget to bring your camera, the graffiti artists have left a colourful mark on the abandoned stations.



No idea what’s going on with these hooded zombies…
The entry to the abandoned station…


A map of the old train lines in Paris. The pics above are from the east side of the red line, near the Charonne station.

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