The Earful Tower wins ‘The best podcast in Paris 2018’

There’s some exciting news here at The Earful Tower: The podcast has just been voted as “The Best Podcast in Paris 2018” by the readers of Expatriates Magazine. 

This is quite the honour and I wanted to take the chance to thank all the people who cast a vote for me. But I also wanted to reflect a little on this past year, which has taken me on journeys through Paris (and France) that were beyond my wildest dreams.

Yes, 2018 marked an interesting period of my life and I think it reflected pretty strongly in the podcast. I got married, moved to Montmartre, and had an epic honeymoon with my wife.

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New chapter in Montmartre! Here we go!!!

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I also released 51 podcast episodes (so far…) with 38 different guests, which is pretty mind-boggling now that I add it all up. That’s a lot of people who’ve been forced to walk seven flights of stairs… But they’ve shared some fascinating stories, with guests including mayors and ambassadors to comedians, chefs, tour guides, and authors.

I’ve met even more guests for the live video walk shows. And after the video below from January racked up 1 million hits on Facebook, I launched a YouTube Channel.

And believe it or not, I even met a bunch of listeners in Paris and gave some of them walking tours! The tours were pretty nerve-wracking at first, but it’s been excellent fun to share The Earful Tower’s Paris.

This year also saw me bring my wife, Lovely Lina, into the spotlight as the co-host of The Earful Tower Honeymoon Season. She spent two months on the back of the little red scooter as we travelled 4,000 kilometres around France.

She has also spent around 4,000 hours listening to me nattering on about this podcast, and has been largely responsible for all the best ideas. Thanks Lina – and thanks for marrying me 🙂

While I’m giving out thanks, I also want to give a big shout out to the listeners, without whom I’d have given up a long time ago. All the emails, comments, and even the gifts you guys send means an awful lot to me. It’s a great reminder that The Earful Tower actually means a lot to some of you.

2018 also marked the start of a more tangible path for the future of The Earful Tower. With the launch of the Patreon member group, there are now over 200 paying subscribers who have joined in for 84 live videos from around France, a new book club, and a bunch of bonus podcast episodes.

Become a Patron!

So this is a very special thank you to those Patreon supporters of the show who make it possible. It is quite literally thanks to them that the show still exists and that I have an official job as a podcaster 🙂 Go join them here.

Lastly, I also wanted to take the chance to promote some of the other nominated podcasts about Paris. In fact, I think it’s quite exciting that there are now so many that Expatriates Magazine decided to include it as a competition category.

So, once you’re done with The Earful Tower, why not check out “The New Paris“, where author Lindsey Tramuta tackles the City of Light to uncover how it continues to change. 

Tune in to “The Paname Podcast“, where comedian Amber Minogue shares mini-episodes about the untold stories from the history of Paris. She’s currently on a hiatus from the show, but says she will be back soon.

Thirsty for something a little stronger? Listen to “52 Martinis“, hosted by cocktail queen Forest Collins, a show that sees other industry experts share their knowledge on the cocktail scene in Paris and beyond.

And lastly, you want the news? Go listen to So French, where Stefan De Vries and Sara Bertillson tackle the headlines in this ever-intriguing country. 

As for me – I’m going to enjoy some Christmas down time – but keep your eyes peeled on the YouTube channel (subscribe) for a special Christmas in Paris video on the Champs-Elysées avenue.

Merry Christmas and, as always, thanks for listening!


7 thoughts on “The Earful Tower wins ‘The best podcast in Paris 2018’

  1. You deserve every accolade that comes your way!! Soak them up and know everyone starts somewhere!!! Well done you!!! Xxx

  2. Your blog posts helped me to savor the memories of my recent trip to Paris.I want to remember it all!thanks

  3. What’s the link to Expatriates Magazine? I see it mentioned twice but no link.. Want to check it out pls. Thanks

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