The 7 wonders of Paris (in seven live videos)

What would you answer if I asked: “What are the seven wonders of Paris?”

Well, that was the topic of discussion among the Patreon supporters of The Earful Tower this week and they came up with some pretty good answers. 

Of course, some of them were obvious, like the Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame cathedral… but what next? Do you delve into the depths of the catacombs (no, not for a live video anyway), do you visit the famed Louvre museum (no, too many people). Do you visit markets or rivers, gardens or monuments?

And could I possibly, conceivably go all the way out to Versailles just for a video? (Spoiler alert… yes!)

I whittled down all the answers to what I considered to be the top seven wonders of Paris and I contacted seven interesting guests to join me for seven live videos.

And that’s what we’re going to do next week. All live. All free. All on YouTube. That’s right, I’m busting open the paywall for one week only.

The guests are mostly familiar faces for Earful Tower regulars and include tour guides, YouTubers, real-estate gurus, historians, and writers. These guys know Paris and they’ll be here to walk us through it.

The best thing about it all? The video links are all ready for you, all seven, you can literally be ready to watch before I even press “record”.

Here is the page with all seven live videos ready

Of course, my deep-down hope is that you’ll like what you see and sign up on Patreon to see much more like this and to secure the future of this show.

My other goal is to boost my YouTube watch minutes with the goal of joining the YouTube partner program (I need 2,500 more watch hours if you want to get into specifics).

So what are the videos? Well, I’ve detailed them all below. I’ve even embedded them so you can watch them via this very page. But the best way is to watch them on YouTube itself so you can leave comments and interact with me and the guests. And notice that you can set reminders for each of the videos so you’ll be alerted when they happen.

The videos

Monday Feb 11th at 1430 Paris time: I’ll be checking out the magnificent Place Dauphine with Leah Walker from Leah Travels. We have a few tricks up our sleeve with this one and should be able to show you an aerial view of this historic square. (And she will be Monday’s podcast guest too talking about luxury travel in Paris).

Tuesday Feb 12th at 1745 Paris time: I’m going to walk around the whole perimeter of the Notre Dame cathedral with Secret Journeys, a group that does exclusive and secret tours around the city. My guide will be Quentin Henric, a historian with a special interest in the history of French churches and religion.

Wednesday Feb 13th at 1930 Paris time: I’m going to walk down the most famous avenue on this planet, the Champs-Elysees, with YouTuber Jay Swanson. That’s him in the pic with me at the bottom of this page. He will live stream part one of this walk, walking from the Louvre museum to the avenue, on his own channel so follow him too!

Thursday Feb 14th at 1600 Paris time: Property consultant Adrian Leeds (from House Hunters International) will show me the historic Marais district, talking about Haussmann’s architecture and more.

Friday Feb 15th at 1100 Paris time: I’m doing it! I’m going to the Gardens of Versailles with Christian from Bike About Tours. We’re going to show you around the gardens and the hamlet of Marie Antoinette. There’ll be a little cycling in this one too, so we should be able to cover a lot of distance in this mammoth place.

Saturday Feb 16th at 1400 Paris time: The Canal Saint Martin in the tenth arrondissement of Paris is the hipster hangout with a fairly modern history. I’ll be touring it with a local and showing you all the good stuff.

Sunday Feb 17th at 0800 Paris time: Ah, I couldn’t do the seven wonders of Paris without a sunrise visit to the Iron Lady! My guest: Tour guide extraordinaire April Pett from April in Paris Tours. She’s back on a sunrise walk show due to popular demand after our sunrise visit to Montmartre last year (that’s us in the Instagram post somewhere above). Will I wake up in time! Watch this space!

Anyway, that’s it. The seven wonders of Paris. All streamed at different times of the day so wherever you are in the world, you’ll be able to catch at least one. If you miss them, they’ll all be on YouTube to watch on replay at the same links.

If you like what you see, please subscribe to the YouTube channel and I’ll be eternally grateful. If you love what you see, become a member of The Earful Tower and I’ll be so eternally grateful that I’ll explode.

And lastly – if you do watch any of these live videos – please leave comments during the videos so it’s an interactive experience for us all. Looking forward to sharing Paris with you!

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  1. The apartment my daughter lived in the last 2 years was directly across the street from the Les Enfants Rouge statue. Yes, she has a great life at AUP!

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