David Lebovitz chats about his latest book L’Appart from inside his kitchen

David Lebovitz is a world-renowned chef whose latest book, L’Appart, tells the tale of his renovation nightmare in Paris.

The book sees David going head to head with confounding contractors, back-breaking bureaucrats, and recalcitrant renovators as he seeks to complete his dream home.

L’appart was the February choice for The Earful Tower book club and never before had the members been so active in the group, sharing pictures of the Lebovitz recipes they’d cooked and telling stories of their own renovation nightmares.

And as luck would have it, David invited me into his very apartment for the end-of-the-month book discussion.

I streamed the video, in full below, live from David’s kitchen, and we even took a mini tour of it at the end (but we didn’t go beyond the kitchen – give the man some privacy!).

Here’s what happened when we sat down for a chat over some scrumptious buckwheat cookies David had baked that morning.

Note: This chat was streamed live in Facebook page for The Earful Tower’s book club. If you want to join the club, entry is free with an optional $5 monthly membership. If you’re very quick, you can enter the competition for a free copy of next month’s book, A Year in Paris by John Baxter.

If you’re only here to see the Lebovitz chat, watch it on the YouTube link above and leave the book club for the book lovers 🙂

And lastly, if you loved David’s book, do as he says and leave a review about it on Amazon.

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