The coolest folk-rock band in Paris right now

Let me take you back two years.

I was a journalist about to dip my feet into radio for the first time. With me were three Americans who’d just formed a band in Paris, Slim & The Beast. It was going to be the first episode of a podcast called The Earful Tower and none of us knew what to expect.

I was nervous. Hell, maybe they were nervous too. We walked into an office space in far northern Paris that doubled as a radio studio after hours, them lugging their guitars, me weighed down by my own nervousness.

Someone pressed record and I interviewed the band, with them stopping occasionally to play a song. It seemed to go pretty well and just like that, The Earful Tower was born. It was a quiet birth – I’ll bet none of you guys reading this even noticed. And seeming the band was so new, they didn’t have a following to share it with.

Fast forward two years and the band is playing to full houses across the city with fans around the world. And The Earful isn’t doing too badly either.

Since that first episode, the band essentially wrote the soundtrack to my life. They wrote the jingle that I used for the longest time, they wrote the honeymoon theme song, Go For a Ride, and they even performed at my wedding.

And now, I’m very happy to say they’re on the podcast again (and now we’re recording from a proper studio!). They’ve got a new EP in the works and a bunch of cool songs to share, three of which they perform in this very episode (one is a cover of a Neil Young classic).

The band also discusses how to find good live music in Paris, how Parisian crowds differ from other international audiences, and exactly how to flatter a musician.

Listen below and please subscribe wherever you find your podcasts.

Now, if you wanna go straight to the songs that they played, (or want to re-listen to them), here’s where you can find them exactly in the podcast episode above.

Go for a Ride: 10:54

What it is: 21:50

Neil Young’s Harvest Moon: 33:04

Want more from Slim & The Beast? Find them on Instagram here and Facebook here. They’re also on Spotify and YouTube.

Want more from them RIGHT NOW? Well, luckily for us all, they’ve done a few live videos and walk shows with me in the past. Check them out.

And here’s that very first podcast episode. Thanks to all you guys who’ve been in this from the beginning – and a big welcome to all you new followers 🙂

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