How to photograph Paris (with Every Day Parisian)

How many pictures did you take on your last Paris walk? Were they any good? Well if you’re anything like me you could use a few tips when it comes to photographing a city like Paris.

And luckily, this week’s podcast guest is none other than Rebecca Plotnick, the photographer behind the hit website Every Day Parisian.

We chat all about how to capture the beautiful city of Paris on your camera (or indeed your smartphone). We also talk about life in Paris (and abroad), the mysterious blue hour, where to position yourself to get the best shot of the Seine River at sunrise, and much more. 

Listen to the episode here (and please subscribe wherever you get your podcasts).

Here’s the picture of the pink car we talked about in the episode.

Find out more about Rebecca’s Every Day Parisian site here and more on her photography here. And why not browse her Instagram here?

If you want to find more about The Earful Tower, here’s the website, here’s the Patreon link, and here’s my Instagram

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4 thoughts on “How to photograph Paris (with Every Day Parisian)

  1. Hey guys 🙂 just listening to the tips about podcasting, and as an online marketer who has discussed and learned about what REALLY helps with podcasts (ranking, etc), from hard core marketers who have tested these things, as well as somebody who works at Libsyn, I thought I would share:

    1) Reviews do NOT help with itunes rankings. What do, in fact help, are number of downloads. So if you have to choose between asking a listener to review or asking a listener to download, ask them to download. The best thing to do is to ask them to download AND subscribe. This means all future episodes are automatically downloaded. Reviews *may* help somebody decide to download an episode once they find your podcast (in my experience having a catchy TITLE is actually more important than reviews for this), but itunes does not factor reviews into their ranking algorithm. A number they do look at is how many downloads you have had in the past X amount of time. Hence, asking to download & subscribe is best action to ask for.

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    As for reviews, that’s about the least helpful thing you could ask for. Much more helpful to ask them to download & subscribe, and then share with friends. About that you are right (most podcasters really don’t understand this).

    J’aime bien ton podcast. Bonne chance avec tous!

    (Hannah @

    1. Thanks for this comment, it was really good. It went to spam, perhaps because it was a bit longer than the rest – but I appreciate what you said. I suppose I was right to stop going on about reviews (about a year ago) but never thought to ask for downloads and subscribers so much. Will give that a shot going forward, merci!

  2. So, which street exactly is the one with the Moulin Rouge street art on the pulled down shop screens? I did a walk with Google Maps and couldn’t come up with any close. Thank you. Love the podcasts, btw.

    1. Rue Forest in the 18th arrondissement 🙂 Follow it into Rue Cavollotti – maybe the shutters are all open on the Street View, especially if they recorded during the day. Best enjoyed at night. And thanks for listening!

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