The story of the Seine River (with Elaine Sciolino)

The Seine River. The most romantic river in the world. With a history stretching from the Romans to Hollywood.

And for today’s bonus episode we have special guest Elaine Sciolino, who wrote “The Seine: The River That Made Paris”.

I loved this book. I made it the Earful Tower book club choice for January, and the members really enjoyed it too! Join them here for free!

Elaine and I chatted about how the Romans used the Seine to build Paris, how it has been immortalized in literature and film, and how she managed to complete a 50-date book tour in the US.

Listen to the episode by pressing play below (or find it on the pod!)

As you’ll hear, we recorded this episode in Elaine’s apartment in the ninth arrondissement. I uploaded more pics to the book club, but here’s one in front of the shelf that’s solely filled with her research books for The Seine.

If you love Paris books, join the book club too and even better – join the discussion 🙂

And read more about Elaine and her new book at her official site here.

After Elaine on the podcast, you’ll hear Marie from My Private Paris, the boutique tour agency, talking about the bars on boats moored along the river – and a particularly good one to track down by the Pont Alexandre III.  

If you want to book the best tour of Paris you’ve ever had, here’s a link to find out more about Marie and My Private Paris.

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That’s it for now. Next week on the show? The fifth arrondissement with a guest who promises that she knows every cobblestone of the district…

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