The seven wonders of the seventh arrondissement in Paris

If you’re a tourist in Paris, the seventh arrondissement is officially the best (according to my highly scientific ranking). You’ve got the Eiffel Tower, brilliant museums, chic shops… it’s incredible!

In today’s podcast episode, tour guides Bertrand and Marie from My Private Paris walk us through seven must-sees from this very district.

Here’s the link to listen (and be sure to subscribe for more), then scroll down for the list of things they mentioned and how to find them.

1. Best street: Rue Cler

Ah, you can’t really go wrong on this little slice of village life on rue Cler. Think cobblestones, cafes, cheese shops, florists… you get the picture. Recommended stopoffs: Pralus for the chocolate, Cafe du Marché for a coffee stop.

2. Best museum: Musée Rodin

Sure, the Musée d’Orsay is in the seventh and it’s amazing, but you simply can’t beat the Rodin Museum, says Bertrand. He especially recommends seeking out The Kiss, which is pictured below.

3. Best attraction: The Eiffel Tower

This one speaks for itself, doesn’t it? Don’t forget the light show in the evenings: on the hour, every hour, for five glorious minutes. And as Marie mentioned, rue Saint Dominique provides some pretty stunning views of it.

4. Best insider knowledge: Ecole Militaire

Did you know you can learn horse-riding inside the Ecole Miltaire? And have you heard that there are even tennis courts in there? In fact, there’s a whole lot going on behind those walls. The Ecole Militaire is a cluster of buildings for various military training facilities, but also includes some unexpected treats for Parisians.

5. Best outrageous attraction: Avenue Rapp

Down on Avenue Rapp at number 29 you’ll find an art nouveau masterpiece. It’s a doorway to a building that was designed by architect Jules Lavirotte around 200 years ago, but part of the door bears an outrageous resemblance to the male genitalia… you’ve been warned!

6. Best shopping: Bon Marché

When it comes to fancy shopping (or even just window shopping) then you can’t go past the Bon Marché. Did you know it was the first department store in the world? Do as Marie says and check out the La Grande Epicerie de Paris for some food shopping while you’re there.

7. Best secret: Bunker under the Eiffel Tower

Did you know there was an old wartime bunker under the Eiffel? I had no idea. And apparently it’s huge. In the episode, Bertrand said it’s big enough for five thousand people. When asked him for more info, he just said to book one of his tours, so I guess I’ll leave that bit up to you guys.

Find out more about the seventh arrondissement and beyond by booking a tour with My Private Paris. Look, there’s Marie and Bertrand below during our cheese event last night.

Wanna take part in international interactive events like the cheese one? Sign up on Patreon and take part too! Thanks to all who joined, it was a lot of fun!

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4 thoughts on “The seven wonders of the seventh arrondissement in Paris

  1. Hello Oliver,
    I can’t resist to share too my favorite places in the seven
    – the public garden Catherine Labouré is really a Gem in Paris, a bit hidden is protected by high and big walls. A must see !!(very close to Coutume Café).
    – the musée Maillol they have always great exhibition and the permanent collection is also very nice
    – la rue du Bac for all the best chocolate and pastry shops in the city

    1. Great tips! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been in the garden and Rue du Bac – but never that museum 🙂 thanks

  2. Bonjour, not being a fan if heights I stay away from Tour Eiffel. But the area around Le Bon Marche is a wonderful area to look for a rental in. Convenient Metro stops, the area is clean and safe, there are many many stores in which to buy anything you want and YES do try Le Grand Epicerie. There are not that many places for tourists, but you can find them and they are very good. And what is so very nice is that this area is excellent for just walking, becomming a flaneur so to speak.

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