Let me show you Stockholm, Sweden, in REAL TIME

You may have noticed a Swedish theme in my recent posts – and that’s because I am in Stockholm, the Swedish capital.

I’ve been on a little break from Paris (and I’ll be back very soon), but I wanted to give you guys a closer look at Sweden while I’m here.

And on Monday (Sep 14th) I want you to join me in Stockholm in real time, via YouTube of course. Yep, two walk shows on the same day.

Here are the two YouTube videos where I’ll show you around Stockholm on an interactive walk.

The first video will is here, below, and will feature the beautiful waterside neighbourhood of Östermalm. They say the area was inspired by the wide boulevards of Paris.

I recommend you click on the word YouTube above when you watch, so you can join in with comments. It will be 10am Stockholm time (what time is that for you? Click here). If you’re really confused about the time zones, just click the play button on the videos and it will tell you how long until they start.

The second video will be in the Old Town (Gamla Stan), and you can find it below. It will begin at 4pm Stockholm time (what time is that for you? Click here).

If you’re too late to watch live, the replays will remain on the links above, just click play.

Now, if you want to warm up for the show, the most recent podcast episode was all about Swedish people. The guest was my wife Lina, a bonafide Swede herself, reacting to my thoughts on Swedes after ten years of observation. Here it is.

If you’re a Patreon member, there’s already a replay of Stockholm walking to watch, in which we explored some stunning facades and the City Hall.

Lastly, if you’re digging all this Swedish content, I’ve created an Instagram account that’s growing quickly. Follow it here and say hello!

If you’re not into the Swedish stuff, that’s shame, it’s a very interesting and beautiful place and I think you’re missing out… But never fear, I’ll switch back to Paris any day now.

Here’s the Sweden episode again, this time on Spotify (which, incidentally, is a Swedish creation). See you tomorrow!

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