How I was wrong about the 16th arrondissement of Paris

In a 2018 blog post, I once said the 16th arrondissement was the most boring neighbourhood in Paris.

But this pandemic has made everyone rethink things. Suddenly the hottest coffee shop or restaurant is irrelevant seeming nothing is open. Neighbourhoods that are typically slower-paced, perhaps with less going on, have suddenly become more interesting as aimless walks have become more common for many in Paris.

So for today’s podcast episode, I interviewed Delphine Brière from My Paris Touch. She is a Frenchwoman who has lived in the 16th for 22 years, and has given quite a few guided tours in the area, which is full of fascinating art nouveau architecture and interesting museums.

Have a listen to the episode below. If you’re feeling particularly outrageous, why not press “Follow” on the Spotify banner below 🙂

Now, if you want to join Delphine and I for a guided walk through the neighbourhood, live on YouTube, mark your calendars for 5pm (Paris time) on Saturday April 17th and be sure your membership on Patreon is up to date. If you can’t read the top post on this link, you won’t be able to join us for the walk.

Patrons can also check out my 10-page guide to the 16th district, including some fascinating places to visit, and a much deeper dive into the work of architect Hector Guimard and his masterpieces in the area.

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The podcast episode, again, is linked below. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “How I was wrong about the 16th arrondissement of Paris

  1. I know this already as I’ve walked it in several directions many times. I will listen but discovery is my favorite part of walking paris, less than history, more the utter beauty mixed with tying the maze of streets together.
    Victim Hugo is gorgeous and leads in many directions. I wonder if you found my favorite hotel? Best, kathy

  2. I discovered the 16th while staying at the Meridien E’Toile just into the 17th. I loved walking the 16th. The buildings are beautiful. Lots of trees and loved coming upon little parks unexpectedly. My favourite spot is a cafe in the Victor Hugo circle.

  3. I’ve stayed 4 months in the 16th, near the metro Ranelagh. I did find it boring and quiet. It’s a great residential neighborhood but I found it lacked vibrancy and Parisian life!

  4. My husband and I rented in the 16th Arrondissement for vacations for many years near the river on rue Narcisse Diaz. This is the village of Auteuil. On the main street rue d’Auteuil, you can find most of your needs such as Monoprix, flowers, Chinese, Japanese, French of course, Lenôtre, Bois de Boulogne, the Stade Roland Garros, a wonderful impressionist museum, Marmottan-Monet. Near the Musée Marmottan is a wonderful restaurant called La Gare (used to be a train station). Buildings are lovely in the 16th. But the best is the produce market, to rival any other. Te view at night from the Port Mirabeau is beautiful (and Marc Lemoine sings a wonderful song named after it. I could go on ad nauseam, so I’ll stop now.

  5. While in the 16th, lovers of French literature might want to duck into the Maison de Balzac on Rue Rayonard in Passy, where the satyrical thinker and writer Honore de Balzac spent 10 years hiding from his many creditors. There he wrote “La Comedie Humaine” and a sharp-sided domestic revenge novel “Cousin Bette”…which was later made into a pretty terrific film starring Jessica Lange & Hugh Laurie. It is a small, charming museum, with a garden that has delightful views of the city.

    The lively and lovely Passy Park is not far away and also well worth a visit.

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