It’s all in the details: 86 fantastic photos of the smaller details that make up Paris

Over 30 million tourists travel to Paris each year to discover the beauty that lies within this city. But what exactly makes Paris so breathtaking and unique? Sure, the big monuments, the sweeping views of the Seine, the sprawling cafe terraces are a big part of it.

But what if you look closer?

During our Paris Countdown series, where we explored every inch of Paris and its 20 districts, we uncovered the most jaw-dropping, picturesque and unbelievably detailed aspects of the city,from intricate bakery ceilings to ornate door knockers.

And our photographer, Augusta Sagnelli, captured it all. Below you’ll find 86 of her photos, which, in our opinion, highlight why Paris is so wonderful.

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The charming doorways

The mosaic masterpieces

The stunning and unique ceilings

The classic Parisian drinking fountains

The finer details

The intricate staircases

The breathtaking facades

And finally… the hidden hints of yesteryear

Do you want to know more about these photos and the photographer? Visit her website here.

Augusta joined host Oliver Gee on the podcast to share more of her photography process and her photography tips. You can become a member here to watch the replay of the audience Q&A that followed the podcast recording.

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  1. Loved the gorgeous collections of photographs! And I am anxiously awaiting your trilogy of books! Keep up the excellent & beautiful work, you two!

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