Paris trivia quiz: Ten questions that get progressively harder

To celebrate the launch of our new book, Grace the Giraffe in Paris, we’ve put together a little quiz.

Below you’ll find ten questions, all relating to Paris, and all with some kind of connection to our new children’s book. The questions will get progressively harder as you go along.

You do not need our new book to play this quiz, but it certainly should be the next children’s book you buy 🙂

Now, all the questions are below (and the answers!) but the experience is much more fun in audio version, perhaps in a car trip with others listening too. You can listen below or wherever you get podcasts. In a rush? Just keep scrolling.

Good luck!

1. Which animal walked from Marseille to Paris in 1827?

A giraffe, of course

2. Which French novel (and film, and musical) featured characters called Javert and Jean Valjean?

3. Which Paris monument was built between 1806 and 1836?

4. Which popular French newspaper was founded in 1826, right as our story begins?

5. What’s the English word for “parapluie” ?

6. Which museum in Paris features the classic impressionist work by Monet called “La Rue Montorgueil”?

D’Orsay Museum (Musée D’Orsay)

7. Which Paris-based designer made the safari jacket famous in the 1960s?

Yves Saint Laurent

8. In “Liberty Leading the People”, the central figure (Marianne) is holding a flag in her right hand. But what’s in her left hand?

Musket with a bayonet

9. Which couple sang the song “Je T’aime, … Moi Non Plus”?

Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg

10. Which museum in the Marais features giraffe memorabilia from 200 years ago?

The Carnavalet Museum

And that’s it!

How many points did you get? Let us know in the comments below!

A big thanks to Augusta Sagnelli for the wonderful photos.

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6 thoughts on “Paris trivia quiz: Ten questions that get progressively harder

  1. I got 7 points, which is a clear indication that I’ve been away from Paris for too long. Will remedy that in September 2023!

    1. And I should have clarified that I took this quiz without having my copy of Grace in front of me. I’ll be perusing it to glean all the answers I missed!

  2. I finally got the Giraffe book ! I live in Perth so I knew it would take a while but I loved it…especially like the ending and the parade of famous people in the street.
    It will go way over the heads of my Aussie grandkids but a lovely momento from their French mémé ….and being French I got all the answers right bien sur 😊

  3. 8 points. A year ago I would have done much worse but I’ve leaned so much from listening to the podcasts! 😍

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