Ile-Saint-Louis from 35 beautiful angles

The Ile Saint-Louis, the lovely island in the Seine River, offers the most beautiful walk in Paris.

And now we have proof! After the recent podcast episode (embedded below) where I walked the streets and described it all to listeners, I went back again with a video camera and photographer Augusta Sagnelli.

To watch the 45-minute live stream video replay, become a Patreon member of The Earful Tower (or, if you’re already a member, just click here).

To see the photos, simply keep scrolling. And if you want to make a similar visit and don’t know where to begin, here’s my outline for how to spend an ideal hour on the magnificent Ile-Saint-Louis.

That’s it! Follow Augusta on Instagram for more photos, and check out The Earful Tower while you’re there.

And remember, if you want a virtual 45-minute stroll along this island, here’s the link to watch the members-only replay on Patreon.

Otherwise, the podcast episode is always free to listen to – check it out here. Happy exploring!

3 thoughts on “Ile-Saint-Louis from 35 beautiful angles

  1. Enjoyed the walk, and Augusta’s photos are lovely. The streets are so quiet that it looks like another era altogether.

  2. Oliver, can’t wait to come back next summer and we’ll be sure to walk this route that you have so carefully scoped out for all of us. Merci.

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