🎙️ The changing coffee scene in Paris with Coutume’s Tom Clark

As we prepare for season two, here’s a look back at an interesting episode from the first season.

Australian in Paris Tom Clark, one of the guys behind award-winning Coutume cafe, tells us how Paris is moving away from the typical cafes and into the new wave of coffee shops.

He takes us behind the beans of the coffee world and admittedly catches us out in our blind taste test of different coffee. We should never have had McDonald’s coffee in it…

In other news, Tom has just confirmed that if The Earful Tower wins the best expat blog in Paris award, he will join us on the massive pub crawl celebration we are planning. Vote here – we’re currently in fourth place so need your help.

Listen to Tom’s episode here:


Find the Coutume coffee shops in Paris via the official site here, and be sure to check out the new location on Rue Martel in the tenth arrondissement (pictured below).

Further listening: 

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