Is this the ‘only street’ in Paris? Yes, says author Elaine Sciolino

If you want to find a book in English in Paris, head to the Shakespeare and Company bookshop – which is also where I found journalist-turned-author Elaine Sciolino.

She talks all about her new book The Only Street in Paris, Life on the Rue des Martyrs.

She says the road, which runs north from the city centre, is “the only street” in Paris. But why? And is she right?

In the book, Sciolino writes: “For me, it is the last real street in Paris, a half-mile celebration of the city in all its diversity – its rituals and routines, its permanence and transience, its quirky old family-owned shops and pretty young boutiques. This street represents what is left of the intimate, human side of Paris.”

Listen to the episode, the second ever episode of this podcast, by clicking play below.

Rue des Martyrs, in northern Paris, is well worth a visit if you’re up that way. Our tip: Take in a coffee at KB at the top of the hill (thought it’s far too hipster for Elaine, she says).


Find out more about Elaine via her website here, where you can also pick up her book.

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4 thoughts on “Is this the ‘only street’ in Paris? Yes, says author Elaine Sciolino

  1. I’ve been reading Elaine Sciolino since way back when she was writing for the NY Times. One of my and my husband’s favs. As well, her book ‘The Seine, The River That Made Paris’ is wonderful. ‘La Seduction, How the French Play the Game of Life’ and of course, ‘The Only Street in Paris’ as you mention, are also among her fine works.

  2. I am spending a snowy March day in Ohio, USA. catching up on my favorite podcasts and virtual tours. Thé rue des Martyrs has been one of my favorite streets in Paris since a new friend introduced it to me. I go back and walk up it from the Church Notre Dame de Lorette to Montmartre on every visit!

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