Understanding the new Paris, with Lindsey Tramuta

EPISODE 8: Lindsey Tramuta is the woman behind the Lost in Cheeseland blog and Instagram page – and she has just written a book called “The New Paris” (on Amazon here).

She joins us in the studio for a hot cappuccino and shares her tips on Instagramming Paris, explains how the city is changing, and reveals more about her new book.

She also convinced us to get an Instagram account for the show — which WE HAVE DONE!

Listen to the episode here.

Find her blog Lost in Cheeseland here and follow her on Instagram here.

Got no time? Here’s a clip from the show (including a closer look at the sandwich named after her blog).

And here is a video about her new book:

Further listening: 

If you liked this episode, you might just like to hear more authors talking about France and their books. Here’s the Books about Paris section – why not start with our chat with Stephen Clarke?

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