Here’s how to follow The Earful Tower

You’re on the webpage for The Earful Tower – a free podcast about Paris hosted by Oliver Gee.

The best way to enjoy the show is to listen to it. Here are the links, depending on your phone.

If you get your podcasts from elsewhere, you just need to search for The Earful Tower in the podcast section or podcast app and you’ll find it.

If you’re a desktop user (rather than a phone person), scroll down for all the episodes. And I’ve embedded a Spotify introduction below, hit follow for more.

So what does it mean to “follow”?

Essentially it means every episode goes directly onto your phone so you can listen to it right away, for free, or save it and listen offline (like on your commute or on a flight).


It also means you can leave a review, which can tempt others to listen as well 🙂

Here are other ways to follow and support The Earful Tower.

Facebook. Give it a “like” on Facebook here to see more about France. I post all the stories there and do the occasional live video.

YouTube: Subscribe on the YouTube channel if you prefer seeing Paris visually. Check it out here.

Instagram: There’s more to see on Instagram here and a very friendly community in the comments section 🙂

Email: If you have something to say, feedback, observations, or questions for The Earful, email here and I may just read it out on the show.

Patreon: This show survives thanks to the generosity of subscribers. If you want to make a monthly or annual payment for bonus content, explore this page here.

If you sign up at the $10 level, you get access to my Guide to Paris PDF on signup (and 250+ other posts about Paris that are behind locked doors!)

Buy a book!

I’ve written three books (and one guide book!) If you buy them via the icons below, you’re buying directly from me and supporting me almost immeasurably more than if you buy via Amazon.

Why do any of these things?

Well, if you’re reading this, I assume you like the show, and hopefully that means others will like the show too. But they can’t find it without your occasional likes, shares, reviews, and subscriptions. So you’d basically getting the word out there, and that’s a big help for me to get this thing out of its infancy stage and into toddling.

Thanks for listening 🙂 Here are all the episodes at once!

12 thoughts on “Here’s how to follow The Earful Tower

  1. What if I am not on Facebook? Is it worth being a Patron @ $5/month.
    BTW I lived in Paris for three years. Miss it and I really enjoy your podcasts.
    Merry Christmas from Charleston, SC

    1. Not in terms of the bonuses you receive. Only in terms of the great feeling you will get from supporting a show you like and ensuring it continues to improve 🙂 Is advise signing up for $10 per month for half as long – it’s about ten times better 🙂

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