Are the French good at speaking English?

Episode 22: We are joined by Luke Thompson from Luke’s English Podcast to tackle this question, and he should know the answer.

After all, he has spent a lot of time teaching English to French people.


This guy is a podcast pro, unlike me (I even called him Paul at one point in the chat, despite his name clearly being Luke), and he has done hundreds of episodes over at Luke’s English Podcast. He even has a mug (see mug above).

Have a listen to us discussing the topic of French people speaking English, the immortals at the Académie Française, and the reasons why French people don’t like their accents.

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Further listening:

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6 thoughts on “Are the French good at speaking English?

  1. Thanks, guys, for inviting Luke Thompson onto your podcast. He is amazing, isn’t he?
    What do you think about his French, by the way? 😉

    Do you know Amber Minogue? She has got the most loveliest voice in the world and started recently her own podcast: She is a comedian too, does live shows before hundreds of screeming kids, and is a regular guest on Luke’s English Podcast.

    Good luck to you with your podcasti and with the Best Expat Blog about Paris competition! 😉

  2. Oliver, btw, why would you write english in small letters on your black board? Is it some ind of a marketing trick? To me it made the impression that your guest were bad at spelling…
    Sorry, I felt like I have to protect our King there… We love to call him our King on Luke’s English Podcast. :))

  3. As an American, I’m very concerned about your comment about ‘american sauce’. I have never heard of anything that would be a combo of ketchup and mayo, unless you are referring to that stuff McDonalds uses. Please know that other than McDonald’s, nobody used that! However some people dip their pizza crust in a blue cheese dressing, which I personally don’t like either. Thanks for an entertaining episode!!!

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