🎙️ John Baxter, a surprise for a listener, and how being a flaneur in Paris could KILL you!

Episode three already!

Here it is:

What you can expect:

This time, you’re gonna hear how an American fan of our show suggested a guest and an episode topic for us – and the next thing he knew, he was in the studio, co-hosting a show and meeting his favourite Paris author. Yes, we had Colby Fox (whose pictures we just published) in the studio meeting Aussie writer John Baxter.

The moral of this story? Send us fan mail and we will have you on the show.

But seriously, here comes what I found to be a fascinating chat with Mr Baxter, an author who’s been based in Paris since 1989. He’s written a list of books as long as your arm (here’s his Amazon page) and his newest ones are Eating Eternity and Montmartre: Paris’s Village of Art and Sin.

Join this competition below and wham – you might just win one of those two books. Be creative!

Here are a few things John mentioned in this episode.

1. Le Train Bleu restaurant in the 12th arrondissement (yes, he said 13th, but we will forgive him).

2. Luc Besson’s film Nikita.

3. The scene in Nikita set in Le Train Bleu restaurant. Here’s the scene on YouTube, but you should really watch the whole movie.

And lastly, as usual, we’re joined by tour guide Corey Frye at the end of the episode with a chilling tale from yesteryear in Paris, about how flaneurs in Paris were murdered in a grisly fashion indeed.

And the address he mentions, in case you want to visit, is 2 rue Courtalon in the 1st arrondissement. I went there this week:

Want to book a walking tour with Corey Frye from a French Frye in Paris? Click here.

Want way more cool episodes from us? Stay tuned, they’re on the way.

Oh, and the main picture above is “Paris Street; Rainy Day”, an 1877 oil painting by French artist Gustave Caillebotte.


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