A look at the 20 best streets in Paris (according to you guys)

The competition is over. I asked for your favourite street in Paris, promising the top six answers would win a book by our most recent guest John Baxter. His episode here:

It was tough to pick the best six, but I did it. More often than not, the winners singled something out about the street, rather than just listing things you can find there.

The people who wrote the first six answers below win a book – the next fourteen are runners up that were worth a mention.

Thanks to the 50 plus commenters on The Earful Tower’s Facebook page!

1. Rue de Montmorency, 3rd arrondissement

“Because you can fulfil your inner Harry Potter nerd by visiting Nicolas Flamel’s house,” writes Kirk Robinson, referring to what’s considered to be the oldest house in Paris belonging to alchemist Flamel. There’s a restaurant there now (see my tweet below).

2. Rue du Pot-de-Fer, 5th arrondissement.

“With a bit of imagination, one can be taken back to Middle Ages Paris while walking there,” says Veronique Cauquil Savoye. “The old fountain (pictured below) is still there at the corner of rue Mouffetard, but it doesn’t work anymore.”


3. Rue Crémieux, 12th arrondissement.

“It’s calm and whimsical – the perfect Instagram spot for this millenial. I love the colourful houses!” says Megan Lapke. She’s right – check out these colours!

4. Rue du Chat-qui-Pêche, 5th arrondissement.

“Besides the name, I like the quirky history that goes along with it,” says Deanie Houghtaling about the narrowest street in Paris. The name means “The street of the cat that’s fishing”, named after the picture on a shop sign.

5. Rue Galand, 5th arrondissement

“Because right around the corner you have Notre Dame, Shakespeare & Co. and well …. it speaks for itself,” says Jennifer González. (And that’s her picture below – and as the main picture).


6. Rue des Thermopyles, 14th arrondissment

“It’s extremely pretty, quiet and has a nice countryside feel,” Tuula Salminen

The runners up:

7. Rue des Rosiers, 4th arrondissement

“Where pitta bread cuisine and Jewish bakeries and restaurants reign supreme intermingled with chic boutiques in a melange of hipster and historic,” says Dee Hubert.

8. Rue des Trois Freres, 18th arrondissement (which means Three brothers road)

“Because three of us brothers were sitting under the sign drinking and only noticed it as we were leaving,” says Dieter Buse.


9. Rue Saint-Antoine, 4th arrondissement

“Because it is great for people watching, has shops for anything you need, is near the Place de Vosges, and has small streets that intersect it which lead you to fantastic hidden gems of Paris,” says Joan Burns.

Quartier Saint Paul 🛍 #saintpaul #ruesaintantoine #france

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10. Rue des Martyrs, 9th and 18th arrondissements

The history in the street is just immense, love the hill & of course finding Sacre Coeur after the climb,” says Joanne Little. If you want to hear more on this street, we had the author of “The Only Street in Paris” on the show chatting about it.


11. Rue Caulaincourt, 18th arrondissement

“Everything that’s wonderful about Paris can be found on that street, perfect cafes, boulangeries, boucheries, wine caves, fromageries, flower shops, and produce vendors. It’s lined with lovely trees and it has squares for sitting and pondering or playing petanque,” says Katherine Watt.

#paris18 #montmartre #ruecaulaincourt #lamarkcaulaincourt #paris

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12. Rue Serpente, 6th arrondissement

“My husband and I were newly married, and after I’d been studying at the Sorbonne all summer, he came from the States to meet me at this beautiful street, at Hotel du Lys, and we explored every corner of this beautiful, historic quartier,” says Kathleen Sylvester.

13. Rue de Vaugirard, 6th and 15th arrondissement 

“We walked along this street from Jardin du Luxembourg to our apartment in the 15th several times. Great people watching and window shopping along the way,” says Jaime Richard Macaluso. It’s also the longest road in Paris.

Inspiration #saintgermaindespres #paris🇫🇷 #ruedevaugirard

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14. Rue du Trésor, 4th arrondissement

“Blissfully charming with its shops, restaurants, old fountain, literally a quintessential street (actually a cul-de-sac) of Le Marais. Cherry on the cake: it is pedestrian and amazingly quiet, which only adds to the pleasure of strolling there,” says Isabelle Virginie.

Rue du Trésor, Paris #Marais #Ruedutresor #Paris #InstaParis #Parisjetaime

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15. Rue Mouffetard, 5th arrondissment

“An unpretentious but delicious foodie street, where you can sample virtually all the France has to offer in food: fruits and vegetables in season, cheeses, oysters, bakeries, wine: almond croissants in the morning with your café au lait, lunch with a salade gourmand with foie gras, oysters later with a bracing sauvignon blanc,” says Walter Schwager.

Rue Mouffetard, le lendemain matin. #Paris #ParisJetAime #RueMouffetard #HTCU11

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16. Rue du Pont Neuf, 1st arrondissment

“I LOVE walking down this street because as I get closer and closer to the Pont Neuf, I know what’s coming, past the buildings the Eiffel Tower is in view and it takes my breath away every single time!” says Tami Tamir-Shaughnessey.

17. Rue Vielle du Temple, 4th arrondissement

“It’s such a pleasant walk with great cafes along the way – and you get to see the back of the Picasso museum,” says Jay Vogler.

18. Boulevard Saint-Germain, 6th arrondissement

“The old Eglise Saint-Germain-des-Pres, the very talented street jazz musicians… the traces of the past hang out of famous artists and writers-Cafe de Flore… les Deux Magots… people watching… peering into windows so artistically decorated and staged… eye candy!” says Theta Friend Fink.

#parisinthesummer #deuxmagots #chilling

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19. Rue Lauriston, 16th arrondissement

“It’s a foodie’s paradise … three grocery stores, two butchers, a frommagerie, a poissonerie, vegetable markets galore, and two boulangeries. And it has the best rotisserie chickens (and tiny white potatoes) in the world,” says Virginia O’Brien Record.


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20. Rue de l’alboni, 16th arrondissement

“In the spring with the beautiful homes and plants, the view down onto the metro & the stairs & the metalwork of the metro bridge,” says Elyzabeth Vee.

Passy#RueAlboni#myhome#summer#myparis#french#parisian#16th# architecture#art#light#green#blue💙

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  1. Just looked at the list again..and now have more ideas for next November…in Paris as in most places..you tend to explore what you know…now I will explore what I don’t know!!…love this list!!!


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