The invisible side of Paris (and a very bloody painting)

This week we’re joined by Adam Roberts from the Invisible Paris blog.

Listen here:

It’s thanks to Adam that I learned about chasses roues (pictured below), which I blogged about before here.

Getting fancy near Gare de L’Est

He’s also the guy who inspired me to head out to the “human zoo” at the eastern edge of Paris. More on this here.

And in case you’re wondering, here’s the link to the blog post he wrote after he found the “pont neuf postcard”.

Adam blogs all about Paris here, and has just published a book about the city, “Paris, Cityscopes”.

And be sure to hang around till the end for an intriguing story. Below is a look at the painting that was mentioned: Interior of a Kitchen, by Martin Drolling (1815).


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Big news next week – stay tuned. Oh, and the picture at the very top has absolutely no connection to this story, but it’s a nice pic from this series by Colby Fox.

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