The guide to how to NOT be an American in Paris

This week it’s American journalist, Heidi Moore, who LOVES Paris. While she doesn’t live here, she has probably visited more than most tourists ever will, so we had her into the studio to talk about it.

Specifically, she explains how NOT to be an American in Paris. If you’re not American, you can still learn from this, I promise.

I’ve typed out the subheadings she brought up, but click play below to hear her justify it all.

Heidi’s tips to blending in:

1: Learn the importance of saying bonjour

2: Choose style over comfort.

3: Don’t smile so much.

4: Don’t waste all your time on the monuments

5: Watch your manners at all times – regardless of your French fluency

As promised, here’s an image of the place she mentioned in the quick-fire round – Place de Furstenberg.

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PS: The quote Heidi mentioned – “the shifty hangdog look which announces that an Englishman is about to speak French” – was not Oscar Wilde as I guessed, but P.G Wodehouse.

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