How I see Paris after 50+ years as an expat

I meet with Jim, a 71-year-old Brit who has been in Paris since 1965.

This isn’t a typical episode – it’s a little more laid back, (but we still did a quick-fire round), and it’s a little more conversational.

We talk about the advantages of being a foreigner in France, the differences between French and English people, and how you should never “learn” French.

Listen in here:

Here’s a look at the Wallace Fountains

EDIT: I’ve since met with Jim to discuss allegations that he may be Jim Morrison, after it was revealed that Jim Morrison (maybe) never died in Paris. Here’s what Jim had to say:

5 thoughts on “How I see Paris after 50+ years as an expat

  1. Hi Oliver, I came home this afternoon and listened to this- I loved it! I’m a newcomer to Paris (we all are comparatively!) but smiled my way through this podcast, it was a lovely reminder of what a great city we live in. Thank you for sharing ☺️

  2. Wonderful to listen to.Just returned from Paris last week.I am always impressed what a little courtesy brings in return in France and try to do so in my own country.People are the same all over! We stayed in Marrias near St Catherine Sq.and found it less stressful from the hustle of the area.

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